Market Size, Potential And Dynamics


What is the market size and potential for new TB diagnostics, and what are the market dynamics around TB diagnostics?


  1. What is the current market size for TB diagnostics, both globally and in high burden countries? What is the market potential for new tests? What is the expected market growth rate?
  2. How is the market segmented by low, middle vs. high income countries? How is the market segmented by where the test might be utilized (i.e. reference lab, microscopy center, basic healthcare facility)? Is there a different market segment based on patient risk factors?
  3. How is the market served currently? What are the key market barriers for uptake (i.e., what are the market access challenges)? What will drive uptake?
  4. How likely is that most high burden countries will scale-up Xpert MTB/RIF? What needs do technologies like the GeneXpert meet? How much of the market will they address? What problems remain? Is the potential remaining market only there if access in increased (i.e. currently no testing is being done)
  5. Are market access barriers lower for second or third, rather than the first product in its class?
  6. What is the risk for new products that have to compete against entrenched competitors?


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