Answers to Target Product Profiles

High-priority target product profiles for new tuberculosis diagnostics: report of a consensus meeting PDF[link]

WHO meeting report






Tuberculosis diagnostics: which target product profiles should be prioritised? PDF[link]






claudia's paper
Are peripheral microscopy centres ready for next generation molecular tuberculosis diagnostics? – landscape of microscopy centres in high-burden countries. PDF[link]




claudia expert

Critical requirements for any sputum-based NAAT that is intended for point-of-care TB testing use at the level of peripheral microscopy centers in high-burden countries - PDF [link]






Target product profiles (TPPs) for TB Diagnostics: one size will not fit all – PDF [link]





point of carePoint-of-Care Testing for Infectious Diseases: Diversity, Complexity, and Barriers in Low- And Middle-Income Countries - PDF [link]




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